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Traversing trippy worlds inside his multiverse simulator, a space-caster explores existential questions about life, death and everything in between.

Drapetomania: A Slave Born In Freedom



As a child, while I attended middle school, a teacher made a comment in passing that ended up being a seed planted in fresh soil.  She made the remark, “Everyone is born free, but can be slaves to their own minds.”  As those words left her lips, my mind had already begun to ponder on what she had meant by her statement.  Now, I brought up that old teacher’s comment because here I am, 14 years since that middle school day, and I am still applying that statement to some life situations.  At times I have to ask myself, “Am I really trapped by my current problems, or am I being a slave to my own mind?”

As I have grown to learn how to become a righteous adult, I have learned that, even though we may get into these difficult and dangerous situations ourselves, there is no problem that can hold a person down forever.  We…

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A Libra in the Midst of His Season



I have spent over a year trying to understand my purpose in God and why I am here on this Earth.  As a starting point, I remember taking the time to read the bible to gain my own connection with Allah.  Then I started to research on myself.  I have never been into zodiacs and still do not consider myself a man of horoscopes or any of that nonsense.  With that noted, I can say that while reading up on my zodiac sign, a small spark inside of me ignited, as if God was giving me a nudge to keep on reading.  At times I felt as if the woman had written that article especially for me.

I know all daily horoscopes are just generalized, mumbo jumbo for the average dull mind, but I was not reading a horoscope.  I was reading about the Libra star constellation.  Libra is a star constellation

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Journey Into Isolation


The journey has been long and the road has shown me the darker side of where it can lead you.  I have walked alone on this path into isolation.  There have been many that have attempted to cling onto me for their own comfort, but lost their grip.  The hole is very small and narrow.  I would have never fit carrying too many people with me.  Lost and scared, I walked alone.

I was drawn on this journey by my overwhelming feeling of not belonging or fitting into my environment.   My spirit craved for more than the stagnant energy which consumed my community.  I longed to find a tribe that I can call my own, so I set out onto my journey.  This has proved long and difficult. I have found myself in a place that I did not wish to be and doing things I thought I would never do…

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Love Vegan Ice Cream



I LOVE being a vegan and I LOVE being a voice for the animals, but a man can only take so much.  I have an extreme sweet tooth and an insatiable appetite for chocolate, but nearly every product that contains chocolate in America is made with milk. Knowing this, every time I walk into a natural foods store, I desperately browse the isle for an easy chocolate fix.

I have given up any attempt to find reasonably priced vegan chocolate products and have taken control of the situation.  After hours of searching, I have found my quick and easy solution for my chronic severe “choco-loveritis” and sweet tooth.  My solution is a frozen chocolate ice cream made from frozen bananas, cocoa powder, peanut butter and almond milk. That is it! Four simple ingredients. This is exactly what the doctor prescribed! To give it an extra flavor, you can use your choice…

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Anxious: Experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Encourage, Inspire, Enlighten

Rest your worrying mind and let peace take its place. God is helping you along your journey that was tailor made for you.  Be strong and find peace!


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Live With Power, Love, and a Sound Mind

Encourage, Inspire, Enlighten

Know in your spirit that you are strong and can move mountains.  You hold within yourself the same power to heal and move mountains!

Trust that you are more than capable. Feed your faith and know that the spirit of God dwells within you.

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Olivia Smith | The Halftime Show

Meet Olivia Smith – named Canadian Youth International female soccer player of the year and the youngest person ever to be called up to the Canadian Women’s National soccer team. Impressed yet? This 15 year-old tells us her incredible story.