Pick-a-Card 🔮✨Energy Reading for the Week of July 27th & Beyond!

Welcome back! The Energy Alchemist is here this week with a special energy reading. This week she lays out three cards before us with each deck topped with a divine crystal. Focus your energy on the deck that calls out to you and draws you to it. Allow the Energy Alchemist to interpret the card of your choice as she guides you through your energies of this week.

If you wish to skip ahead follow the timestamps below.

Card Pile #1 Aventurine 2:18

Card Pile #2 Labrodorite 6:36

Card Pile #3 Amethyst 12:15

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Weekly Energy ⚡ Reading 7/20 – 26/2020

This week, we transfer over our energies from Cancer season to Leo season. The Energy Alchemist, Sarmora, is back to guide us through the transition and interpret its energies. She comes with words of love to aid us in the move from the emotions of Cancer to the creative spirit of Leo. 50% of all proceeds will go to THE OCEAN CLEANUP.


Sarmora is back with her energy read for July 6 through July 12, 2020. Ground, center, and feel the energies of this week as she guides of through the messages she interprets. Please enjoy this weeks video and we pray each word of encouragement helps you in your daily life. If you would like a personalized energy reading, check out Sarmora’s livestream and connect with her on a one on one basis! To schedule an appointment please visit