Aquarius ( January 20 -February 18) aka “The Mad Scientist”

  • Aquarius is the 11th of the 12 signs in the astrological zodiac, which begins its cycle mid-winter in the northern hemisphere.
  • Aquarius is symbolized by the philanthropic and objective water bearer. It is also one of the 3 zodiac signs ruled under the air element.
  • The ruling planet is Uranus and is the planet that rules emotional detachment, unpredictable energy, and rebellion.
  • Aquarius is one of the 4 fixed signs.

Aquarius Personality Traits

  • Aquarius are kind, friendly and generous, though later you may find that they are quite guarded and may choose to keep some emotional distance.
    • Tends to be subversive and rebellious
  • Despite their friendly nature, Aquarius have a reputation for being an outsider.
  • If not given alone time or time to do desired reflection, they become dour, emotionless and even prone to depressive interludes

Strengths of an Aquarius: Progressive, Original, Independent, Humanitarian,

Areas that need help: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof

3 Types of Aquarius

  1. Born at the end of January – The sun is in the beginning of Aquarius. You treasure reason and guard it as the instrument by which to penetrate all of existence and its enigmas. You draw your own conclusions and go your own way accordingly, no matter what others tell you.
  2. Born in the beginning of February – The sun is in the middle of Aquarius. This is the fixed part of the sign. Aquarius already being a fixed air sign, those born at the start of February are the most typical Aquarius. They show the signs deeply and clearly. You spend most of your time contemplating and meditating.
  3. Born in the middle of February – The sun is at the end of Aquarius. This makes those born at this time wonder so much about the complexity of life. You want to understand everything, but the more you learn, the more there is to learn.

Stones and gems

The Zodiac sign of Aquarius includes five stones: garnet, amethyst, moss agate, opal and sugilite.

In addition to the Zodiac stones, turquoise is listed as the Planetary stone for Aquarius and Jasper as the Talismanic Stone.

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