Leo (July 23 – August 22) aka “The Cavalier”

  • Leo is the 5th of the 12 signs in the astrological zodiac, which begins its cycle mid-summer in the northern hemisphere.
  • Leo is symbolized by the expressive and flamboyant lion.
    • Fiercely protective of our passion projects and loved ones
    • Leo energies allow us to fully open ourselves to the splendor of our desires and self-expression.
    • Magnetic performers and natural born leaders.
  • The ruling planet is Sun.
    • The Sun represents the ego and the masculine life force of energy found in humans.
    • The Sun is the great ball of fire that is center of the universe.
    • The sun, like the Leo, can warm or burn, create or destroy.
  • Leo is one of the 4 fixed signs.
  • It is one of the 3 signs under the fire element.
    • Leo is the second fire element in the zodiac. It turns the flame into a strong fire with the intensity of its heat felt by all.
    • Leo influences us to feel the burning desire to steal the spotlight and shine, shine, shine!

Leo Personality Traits

  • The Lion best embodies the characteristics of the Leo; proud, regal, relaxed, and in charge.
  • Leo’s like the big picture, not the details and fine print.
  • Love is king to the Leo. To love and be loved is a driving motivation for this sign
    • needs to be adored
  • To Leo, life is very much the individual achievement and ability to reach a place of distinction in society.
    • Loves Luxury and material things.
    • When self esteem is threatened, Leo reacts with a roar.
  • They do not do well in situations where they have to take orders from others.
    • The need to be in control seems smothering to friends.
    • This can lead them being left alone and ignored, which is the worse thing that an happen to a Leo.
  • An insecure Leo can sometimes be found showing off, desiring to prove that they are what they want to be to perceived as.

Strengths of a Leo: Brave, playful, leader, fun, warm, protective, generous, charismatic.

Areas that need help: Egotistical, dominating, stubborn, controlling, a show-off, vain

3 Types of Leo

  1. Born at the end of July – The sun is in the beginning of Leo. Then you need to dominate your surroundings, and are usually able to do so. You can act and when you do, you don’t keep it a secret.
  2. Born in the beginning of August – The sun is in the middle of Leo. That means you don’t need a very prominent position, but you want to be respected for what you are, and you tend to remain there as securely as if you were a statue. You don’t bend. This is the fixed part of the sign, and since Leo’s quality is fixed, people with their sun here the most typical Leo, showing traits clearly.
  3. Born in the middle of August – The sun is at the end of Leo. Then you tend to be displeased with the position you have and the amount of admiration you get. You strive for more, and that makes you active and competent, but also somewhat frustrated.

Stones and gems

The Zodiac sign of Leo includes five stones: onyx, carnelian, sardonyx, golden topaz, and tourmaline.

In addition to the Zodiac stones, rock crystal is listed as the Planetary stone for Leo and diamond as the Talismanic Stone.

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