Scorpio (October 23 – November 23) aka “The Perturber”

  • Scorpio is the 8th of the 12 signs in the astrological zodiac, which begins its cycle in middle of fall in the northern hemisphere.
  • Scorpio is symbolized by the all-powerful and seductive Scorpion.
    • Most misunderstood and mysterious sign brings us to shadowy and hidden places that we don’t usually have the courage to face
    • It is the sign of life, death, and resurrection.
  • It is one of the 3 zodiac signs under the water element.
    • Since Scorpio is the second water sign, it channels Cancer’s intuitive tides into a forceful stream of psychic and healing energy.
    • Scorpio helps us our in our darkest hour, not afraid to go to the murky waters of the emotional and spiritual unknown.
  • The ruling planet is Pluto.
    • Pluto is the god of the underworld and all things connected to the occult.
    • Pluto shows the area of life where you’ll personally face the intense powers of creation and destruction.
    • Ego is Scorpio’s defense.
  • Scorpio is one of the 4 fixed signs.

scorpio Personality Traits

  • The Scorpio person is not necessarily aggressive on its own, unless provoked, and in general, would be rather contemplative.
    • Disciplined and protective
  • Keyword is passion
    • Scorpio loves others to express their strong, almost chaotic emotions we all hide inside.
  • They crave alone time and annoyed when they don’t get it.
  • Great secret keepers and feel each emotion more intensely than other signs.
  • Not fearful and often tries new things.
  • The Scorpio person enjoys the internal working of things and people, uncovering the truth.
  • Scorpio invented the word vendetta.
  • They can be pessimistic, being suspicious, stubborn and paranoid without cause.

Strengths of a Scorpio: Passionate, driven, perceptive, emotional, sacrificing, determined.

Areas that need help: Vindictive, paranoid, destructive, possessive, jealous, clingy.

3 Types of Scorpio

  1. Born at the end of October – The sun is in the beginning of Scorpio. Then you’re very good at having other people live out your feelings, and it pleases you tremendously. You are mysterious, and enjoy making others confused by it.
  2. Born in the beginning of November – The sun is in the middle of Scorpio. Then you keep all your emotions inside of you and let people know very little about what you feel. You are secretive, but enjoy what people might guess about you- as long as they’re not accurate. Since this is the fixed part of the sign and Scorpio has the fixed quality, those with their sun here are the most typical Scorpio, showing traits clearly. That means they are excellent at hiding what’s going on inside of them. So, they can be spotted, not by what they show, but by all they hid.
  3. Born in the middle of November – The sun is at the end of Scorpio. In this case, you’re worried about your own feelings, fearing that you might not be able to suppress them enough to keep you hidden. Therefore, you get a bit intimidated when others let their feelings out- although you really want them to. you worry their emotional outburst might ignite yours. To you, the world is a dangerous place. You trust no one, not even yourself.

Stones and gems

The Zodiac sign of Scorpio includes six stones: beryl, apache tear, aquamarine, coral, obsidian, topaz.

In addition to the Zodiac stones, garnet and ruby are listed as the Planetary stones for Scorpio and amethyst as the Talismanic Stone.

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