Weekly Energy ⚡ Reading 7/13 – 19/2020

The Energy Alchemist is back to guide us through this week and interpret its incoming energies. Allow her to guide you with love and compassion as she shares her words of wisdom.

Insecure: Watch the Acclaimed series

Insecure, an Issa Rae production, is about a black 29 year old woman who is taking a inventory of her life before she turns 30. Follow Issa as she digs deep to course correct her life and all the blunders that come with it. Her career, love life, self-esteem, friends, and way of life all need a change for the better. The show first aired in 2016 and is now in its 4th season. Binge watch and enjoy.

We’re Here Approved for season 2

Eureka, Shangela, and Bob the Drag Queen explore America’s smaller communities to spread love, acceptance, and tolerance. Most of the cities they visit don’t have any LGBTQ representation, so they are bringing the show to them.